Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Keeping the lines of Communication open...

Keeping the lines of Communication open is very important, whether it be in your personal life or professional life...Keep those damn doors open people...Well ok, it depends on who the people involved are...

Recently I celebrated my 2 year divorce anniversary...and what a milestone it was for me.  Anyways enough about that, I have no idea why I always feel that I have to please or get his stamp of approval on everything.  When he left surely that was him saying "you an idiot" and "I'm moving on" So why do I still want this man to validate everything that I am thinking or doing where the kids are concerned. And when he breaks me down I take his bull sh!t and that's so not on so, as far as keeping the lines of communication open goes!  Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's just a very very bad idea. 

When you are the primary care giver to the children then should the other part-time parent not be on a "need to know" basis? Should one talk/discuss every last detail with them? When and where do you draw that line?

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